PACE Lab Manual

HOWTO: Scan homework assignments and quizzes on the mailroom scanner

Context: To scan homework assignments and quizzes using Evgeny’s QR-coding and PDF distribution system, use the scanner in the mailroom (Ross 206).

  1. Scan your ISU ID card at the specified scanning area on the machine or log in using your username and password. The scanning area should be on the front, left side of the machine where there is a sticker that says “Access”.
  2. Press the “Access Device” option on the touchpad screen.
  3. Click the Home button to the right of the screen. Be sure to press the Home button next to the screen, not the “Home” option on the screen itself.
  4. Load your documents into the sheet feeder on top of the scanner.
  5. Press the “Scan” option on the screen. Be sure to click “Scan” and not “Simple Scan”.
  6. Press “Email” on the screen so the scanned documents will be sent to you. This will bring up a pop-up address book; dismiss this by pressing “OK” in the bottom right corner.
  7. Be sure the settings on the right of the screen are set to 200dpi, Black, and Text. These should be the default settings.
  8. Press the “Scan Setting” option on the screen. Out of the options given, press “Original Size”, and select “LT” from the page sizes. This will ensure that the document is scanned at the appropriate page size.
  9. To scan the documents, click the large, blue button to the right of the screen.
  10. Once the documents have all been scanned, a message should appear at the top of the screen that informs you that the scan was successful. You should receive an email with a PDF attachment of your scanned file(s).
  11. Scan your ISU ID card again, in the same place you initially scanned it, to log out of the machine.