PACE Lab Manual

HOWTO: Edit the ALT website


This how-to is for those who need to edit the ISU ALT website ( Not everyone has access to edit this website by default. If you’d like to have information added/changed, you should first post your request to the #apling-media channel (or email

Providing editing access

When someone should be granted access to edit the ISU ALT website, Evgeny will email Troy Rutter (trutter at to request access.

Guidance for those with editing access

Editing conference pages

This information is only needed if you create or edit pages for conference that are hosted by the ALT program. The conference pages have been slightly redesigned and reorganized to make them consistent, so there is a little more work to get them to work correctly.

Note that the conference archive page has moved to: This is where you will link in all of your pages.

By following the new structure, we can keep things neat both for the site, and also make it easier for google to determine relationships (in theory). Once the structure is complete we can create what is called a shortlink and redirect or whatever to the main homepage so you can give out the short link instead of the big long one.

Directory data not accurate?

The directory information on the website pulls from the ISU directory. However, our site caches it for 30 days.

Once someone updates the information with accessplus/workday, it takes 24-48 hours to be available at which time you can click on “Fetch LDAP Info” in the apling directory profile to get the new information.

Typical Troubleshooting steps include: